Film Scanning:

Our Noritsu mini lab scanner retains your highlights and doesn’t crush your blacks – and it’s great with skin tones!An economical scanning solution for negatives and chrome, this scanner is optimized for negatives but makes acceptable scans from transparencies, and retains your highlights and doesn’t crush your blacks – and it’s great with skin tones.

Drum Scanning:

Drum scan captures the full tonal range and detail in any original. Ideal for capturing your image to retouch and larger size reproduction, we scan film from 35mm up to 8×10” as well as non standard film sizes such as 110, 126 and panorama’s. The entire frame of any format – including rebate or borders – can be scanned!  Virtually unlimited resolution results in file sizes up to 2GB from any original.  This service includes manual adjustments for color and exposure, and will be a reasonable match to originals or unmanipulated photographic samples.

Flatbed Scanning:

With a maximum scanning area of 12” x 17”, our commercial-grade flatbed scanner and experienced staff members can capture amazing detail from your reflective artwork, be it a new or vintage photograph or original artwork. Perfect if you have an older print that’s seen better days, in combination with our Retouching service, or a print you want to share with your family and loved ones. Scans are manually adjusted for color and exposure, and will be a near match to the original.  Due to the nature of reflective originals, it is common for embedded dust and slight damage or imperfections to the original to be intensified by the scanning process. Scans of spotted or damaged originals can be “cleaned-up” for an additional fee.

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Additional information

Film Size

135, 120, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10

Scan Type

Machine Scan, Drum Scan, Flatbed Scan

File Size

Small, Medium, Large


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